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The true essence of Quantity Surveying and Cost Management

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Quantity Surveying and Cost Management is NOT about crunching numbers Quantity Surveying and Cost Management is about telling a STORY, from the beginning to the end, with key judgement points, at which you have to make critical decisions, and provide meaningful insights to your Clients as their trusted advisor, to help them make informed decisions. Most importantly, you need to record and demonstrate HOW and WHY you made the decisions that you made, through a clear AUDIT TRAIL.

So what do Clients expect from Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers?

Your Clients simply expect two things:

  1. Cost Certainty

  2. No Financial Surprises

If you operate on daily basis with the above understanding in mind, not only will you add value to your Clients, but you will also enjoy this great profession!


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