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The most common Building Elemental Cost Summaries!

In my previous post, I discussed "Cost Models" and how Hard Construction Costs are typically broken down Elementally.

I am personally a HUGE fan of "Building Elemental Cost Summaries" based on either UNIFORMAT II Standard AND/OR New Rules of Measurement (NRM).

Both standards help us understand the "Anatomy of a Building" by providing a systematic way to dissect buildings in an organized fashion which brings it to life!

The UNIFORMAT II Standard breakdown buildings into the following components:

A. Substructure

B. Shell

C. Interiors

D. Services

E. Furnishings and Equipment

F. Special Construction and Demolition

G. Sitework

Z. Allowances and OH&P

The New Rules of Measurement (NRM) breakdown buildings into the following components:

0. Facilitating Works

1. Substructure

2. Superstructure

3. Internal Finishes

4. Fittings, Furnishings, and Equipment

5. Services

6. Prefabricated Building and building units

7. Work to existing buildings

8. External Works

9. Main Contractor's Preliminaries

10. Main Contractor's Overhead and Profit (OH&P)

If you work in the field of Quantity Surveying or Cost Management then please make sure to read both standards.

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