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Cost Implications of Design Variables

Whether you are a Quantity Surveyor preparing for your RICS APC, or an experienced Quantity Surveyor, this book is a masterpiece on the subject of “Building Economics”.

The book was first published in 1972, and had multiple editions since its first publication, yet its content is still very relevant until this very day, especially for the “Design Economics and Cost Planning” Core competency.

The term “Design Economics” implies that a building’s design will always have an impact on its hard construction costs.

For instance, the following design factors will have an impact on the $ per SF or $ per m2:

- Plan shape

- Size of building

- Perimeter / Floor Area Ratio

- Wall / Floor Area Ratio

- Floor Area / Gross Volume Ratio

- Circulation Space

- Story Height

- Total Height of Buildings

- Grouping of buildings on a site

- Column spacing

- Floor spans

- Floor loadings

Understanding the cost implications of the above design variables, which will differ depending on building type and function, is key, and will help you provide your client with the best cost advice.

I also recommend that you get a copy of the book!

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