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Are you stuck with your RICS APC Case Study?

The purpose of your RICS APC "Case Study" is simply to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your experience as a Quantity Surveyor.

The size, scale, and complexity of the project doesn’t really matter…

What matters the most is being able to explain YOUR role in the project, and most importantly YOUR contribution and how YOU managed to add “Value” to the Client as a ‘Trusted Advisor’.

The key to demonstrating the above in your Case Study is through the following:

1. Careful selection of “Key Issues” that you encountered

2. Explaining the “Options” that you presented to your client as a response to the “Key Issues”

3. Analysis of each “Option” (pros, cons, why it was recommended/not recommended)

Also remember, you only have 3,000 words to demonstrate your experience, so please AVOID the following:

1. Writing lengthy backgrounds about the project

2. Inserting charts, tables, and any visuals which do not add value to your case study

3. Using confusing, or long titles for your “Key Issues”

4. Being brief when it comes to the analysis of the “Key Issues” and proposed “Options”

5. Selecting “Key Issues” which are shallow or fail to demonstrate your problem solving and critical thinking abilities

6. Trying to perfect your Case Study from Day 1

7. Using acronyms or abbreviations without explaining them first

8. Using Technical Terms or phrases which you are not familiar with, or not being able to explain during the APC interview

Finally, if you ever get stuck in this process, just keep digging deeper, and keep reflecting on your experience to date, and trust me, you will be amazed with the amount of good “Key Issues” and “Options” that you will come up with.

Good luck!

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